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My work is focused on my interaction with my surroundings. I like to explore the different possibilities around me. Having lived in many different locations in the past, I soon felt the need to document this journey in whatever sketchbook I had. It allows me to revisit these memories and drawings with a new perspective.

Coming from a traditional Conservation and Restoration background, I was always comfortable using other materials in my work, like golden leaves and wood. Most recently I also had the chance to work on some interior design projects, and some mural paintings. These have been amazing opportunities and I hope to continue on even bigger walls!

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latest exhibition


Sintropia” (English: Syntropy) or “negative entropy”, is a term used to describe how living organisms display a natural way to organize and work together. I like the idea that we all have an innate disposition to resist chaos and work together and with other organisms.

“Sintropia” is a collection of paintings that started gaining form in Brazil where I live most of the year. I am fortunate enough to live very close to nature, where I can spend several hours contemplating its beauty. I study and collect several sketches of the local people and trees, as well as all the wildlife and the rich color palettes that make the Brazilian rainforest so unique.

Not long after traveling to my hometown in Lisbon to work on other projects, I was again struck by how beautiful the light can be in this city. Even if things are a bit more chaotic here, there is a special glow that can also make it quite magical.

I found myself revisiting both my memories and the early sketches, looking for a way to merge this Lisbon Pantone with the colorful Brazilian forest palette.

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